Frequently Asked Questions

Top Box Foods Illinois

Learn more about shopping through Top Box Market, using Link Match benefits, contributing as a Volunteer or Donor, or collaborating as a Top Box Partner.

Top Box Market: Customer FAQ's

Who can order from Top Box Foods?

Top Box Illinois currently serves all of Cook County.

How can I place an order with Top Box Foods?

Ordering is easy! We accept orders online or over the phone:

1. Click here to view our menu and shop online, or call our friendly Customer Service team at 312-527-7890

Our Customer Service hours are (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CT). If you have a question or would like to place an order over the phone outside of these hours, please leave us a voicemail with your contact information, and we'll get back to you the next business day.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept EBT/SNAP via Link Card payments or Debit/Credit Cards.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept cash or checks at this time.

How do EBT/SNAP payments work?

If you are paying with a Link Card, chose "Pay with EBT/SNAP" at checkout. You will be directed to enter your Link Card Number and PIN to process payment online.

If you are paying with EBT/SNAP, you are eligible for Link Match benefits! Read about Link Match to learn more.

What is Link Match?

Link Match is a SNAP benefits program that makes healthy food more affordable and accessible.

Every time you shop with EBT at Top Box, we match your spending dollar-for-dollar, with no limit on swipes per day.

On delivery day, you'll receive your Link Match Coupon Code on your paper receipt as well as in your email.

What products are eligible for Link Match?

Link Match Codes are valid for any products with fresh fruits & vegetables: Fruit Box, Vegetable Box, Produce Variety Combo, Personal Produce Essentials, Salmon Pasta Bowl Meal Kit, Chicken Skillet with Vegetables Meal Kit, & Southwestern Style Bowl Meal Kit.

You earn Link Match Codes by spending EBT/SNAP dollars on any Top Box Market products.

When can I order?

You can place your order anytime!

Our weekly order cycle closes every Tuesday at 11:59pm CT. That means, if you want your order delivered this coming week, instead of next week, order by Tuesday.

How do I get my order?

We offer Free Home Delivery to all households in Cook County.

When you are ready to checkout, simply input your zip code to view your upcoming delivery day options.

Top Box Foods will deliver to you on the day of your choosing: Saturday, Monday, or Tuesday depending on your zip code.

Can I pick up my order?

Order Pick Up is available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our Customer Service team at 312-527-7890 to arrange pick up.

Pick Up will take place at the Top Box Foods Warehouse: 5959 S Lowe Ave, Chicago, IL 60621.

What do I do if a partner organization referred me to you?

When you checkout, please include the name of your partner in the field marked "Partner Organization (Optional)"

Partner organizations may be schools, other nonprofits, religious organizations, healthcare providers, housing providers, and more.

Top Box Market: Partner FAQ's

What does a Top Box Market Partner do?

We wouldn't be where we are today without the support of our local partners!

Formerly known as community partners, this group of schools, other nonprofits, religious organizations, healthcare providers, housing providers, and more promote Top Box Foods in their community.

From handing out flyers to email newsletters to social media to word of mouth referrals, our partners are supporting their community members by spreading the word about Top Box: their resource for home delivered healthy and affordable groceries.

How can I get marketing materials about Top Box to share with my community?

Contact us for up to date menus and informational flyers.

Can a Top Box representative visit my site to share your resources with my community?

Yes! Contact Us to tell us about your organization or community and the best way we can help teach your community about our food resources.

From tabling at community health fairs to speaking to residents at housing sites, our team is here to answer questions and help your community save money and eat healthy.

How can I purchase food for my community?

Our Top Box Partner organizations provide food for their community members in a variety of ways:

  • Serving fewer than 5 individuals? You can order directly through our website for each household and pay for their order online. Please make sure to provide each individual's contact and delivery information and let the individual know that you are placing an order for them.
  • Giving away food at a community site or event? Contact Us to tell us about it so we can coordinate your order to fit your nutrition goals and budget, serve your target number of households, and plan your delivery.
  • Interested in paying for your constituent's choice of groceries? Purchase a coupon code for Top Box Market that you can gift to your community member, so they can shop whatever boxes they'd like!
  • Not sure the best way to serve your community? Everyone is different! Read more about the many kinds of services and programs we offer here, and then contact us to get started on yours.

Top Box Partner: Participant FAQ's

How do I know if I am a Top Box Partner Program Participant?

Top Box Partner participants are part of a specific partner program that sponsors that participant's food. If you are receiving food for free, you are part of a Top Box Partner program.

If your partner has provided you with a coupon code to shop Top Box Market, find your program information here.

How do I find information about my program?

Find your program information here.

How do I join a Top Box Community Program?

Some of our programs, such as DFSS and My Block, My Hood, My City, are currently taking referrals for qualifying participants in Chicago! Read about those programs and how you can see if you are eligible here.

Top Box Partner: Partner FAQ's

What does a Top Box Community Partner do?

Top Box Community Partners provide food for their community, patients, residents, participants, flock, and more.

Our partners are large and small organizations, some with funding to serve a few families in need and others with grants to facilitate major programs that provide thousands of boxes.

Everyone can make a difference and be a part of our work to create healthy food access for all!

What kinds of programs can you do?

All kinds. We customize a program to fit our partner's goals, budget, and community needs.

  • Our partners order food in bulk to be delivered to their pantry, community, event, or site to distribute.
  • Our partners have tailored food boxes delivered directly to their program participants.
  • Our partners prescribe healthy foods for patients, medicaid populations, and participants of medical studies.
  • Our partners purchase turkeys and other seasonal foods to giveaway to community members during the holidays.

And so much more!

Read About Our Programs

Contact Us to Start Your Program

What are the next steps if I want to partner with Top Box?

Contact Us to tell us about your organization, your community, and your goals for your food initiative! Our team will reach out to you to get started.

Donating FAQ's

Is Top Box Foods a nonprofit 501c3?

Yes! All donations to Top Box Foods are tax deductible.

What does my donation support?

Your gift...

  • Provides food for families in need
  • Supports community outreach, nutrition education, and community health initiatives
  • Offsets the operational costs of fighting food insecurity
  • And so much more!

What kinds of donations do you accept?

We accept donations online via PayPal or via check mailed to our office.

Our donors give individual or recurring gifts of all sizes - every dollar counts!

Learn More and Donate here.

Do you have corporate sponsorships?

Absolutely! From significant gifts to sponsorships of food giveaways in our communities, we are so grateful for the generosity of our corporate sponsors.

View our Sponsors Page, Donate Now, or Contact Us to learn more.

Volunteering FAQ's

What volunteer opportunities are available?

Top Box Illinois currently has a high need for:

  • Volunteer Delivery Drivers who load their cars up with boxes full of food and deliver directly to households in need in Chicagoland.
  • Volunteer Warehouse Helpers who join a group or schedule a group or corporate volunteer event to build and pack boxes full of food in our warehouse.

Learn More and Sign up here.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer! You are never too old or young to serve your community and help your neighbors.

Many of our volunteers join us solo or bring children, family, friends, or colleagues to serve together.

Our only requirements:

  • Volunteer Delivery Drivers must have a valid driver's license (safety comes first!)
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver and consent form on any minor's behalf.

How can I schedule a group or corporate volunteer event with Top Box?

Contact Us to tell us about your organization, the number of volunteers you anticipate, and the dates that work for your team.